Mobile web 01: 

An average of 60% of people have a mobile device and If the subsidy for low-income residents passes, providing free cellular and internet service for $11 a month, more people will be on mobile devices than computers.

So, should mobile content be different from a desktop content? Why should it be different? Why should the mobile website be a limited version of the desktop version? For this you have to take into account the functionality of the website as well as the location and ways the user will engage with the mobile website. Just because the device is mobile that doesn’t mean that it’s always being used while walking down the street, in the car, or in line at the bank. Surprisingly 70% of people use their mobile device at home. Why limit the content of a mobile site? Why make the user get off their couch, go to the computer, turn it on…loading…, open the browser, type in a url, and search a page if they can do it from their couch? In studies when people don’t find or see the content they’re looking for on their mobile device they assume the content doesn’t exist.


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